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Restoration of visual acuity with “ISOTINE” eye drops -an Ayurvedic formulation: A retrospective study of case series in various eye disorders


Approximately 8 million to 2.3 million people worldwide have impaired vision due to uncorrected refractive error and cataract1. Hence the World Health Organization (WHO) has initiated Vision 2020 global program – “The right to sight”. The main motto of Vision 2020 is to correct refractive errors2. The author after years of trial and error has formulated unique Ayurvedic eye drops “ISOTINE”. This has a very precise and balanced combination of Ayurved content that not only corrects the refractive errors but also visual acuity and subjective symptoms. Number of scientific papers which have been published in various scientific journals explaining the mode action of individual contents of “ISOTINE” eye drops.

The present study is a retrospective study of case series of 23 patients of myopia, hypermetropia and cataract who attended the OPD and follow up schedule at Dr. Basu Eye Hospital at Bareli, U.P. It was found that there was marked improvement in various parameters which were assessed before, during and after the study lasting for three months.Specific objective parameters of visual acuity and subjective parameters of signs and symptoms were recorded at each visit. The data was statistically analysed and the difference between parameters before and after the study was statistically found to be highly significant (p<0.0004,chi square test was applied).This indicates the highly potent effect of "ISOTINE" eye drops for restoration of visual acuity.


Key words: ISOTINE eye drops, refractive errors, visual acuity.


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