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A Prospective Open Label Randomized Clinical Trial to Evaluate Safety and Efficacy of Olive Oil in Cases of Gall Stone


In the diseases of Gall bladder, Gall stones are the commonest biliary pathology which is characterized by right hypochondriac region pain and heaviness, dyspepsia, nausea and vomiting. Usually they are multiple and small in size but some time it may be single and bigger in size. Most of the times gall stones remains asymptomatic for many years, Gall stone are classified according to their chemical composition into cholesterol stones, mixed stones, and pigmented stones. Incidence of gall stones-A Fat, Fertile, Flatulent Female of Fourty is the classical sufferer from symptomatic gallstones. Useful as is this clinical memorendum, it should be tempered with knowledge that gallstones occures in both sexes quite often at a much earlier age-even in childhood-and is more common in middle and old age. The concept of Hisat-e-Mararah is since “Greco Arab periods” . Unani physicians Razi , Avicenna, RabbanTabriand Hakim Kabiruddinhas   mentioned formation of Hisat-e-Mararah. According to them there are so many factors responsible for it like Farbahi(Obesity) also called Saman-e-Mufrit, Ziabitus-e-Shakri (Diabetes Mellitus) ,Mani-e-Hamal advia(Contraceptive pills) reduces level of Hamiz-e-safra(Bile acid) and it helps in the deposition and formation of Hisat-e-Mararah.

Roghan-e-Zaitoon(Olive oil) is effective in dissolution of gall stones andhas been used in the management of gall stone since long time. Roghan-e-Zaitoonis an extracted oil of fruit Zaitoon (Oleaeuropaealinn) ,the trees of Zaitoon found in Asia, Turkey, Unan, Portugal, Spain, Italy, South Africa, North America, Philippine, Balochistan. According to The Holy Quran, Zaitoon tree is an oldest tree in the history of Islam and it is sign of piece also. Research shows that Roghan-e-Zaitoon has two constituent one is lunin and other is palmetin and they works same as Ursodeoxicholicacid which dissolved gall stones. The drug needs scientific evaluation to prove its efficacy and safety in the management of Hisat-e-Mararah.


Key Words: Gall stones( Hisat-e-Mararah), Roghan-e-Zaitoon, Unani system of medicine,


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